Fox Vs Duck

Fox Vs Duck is a beautiful and original micro-game. Use the tilt sensor to lead your Ducks to safety whilst avoiding the hungry Fox – you’ll need all your skill and cunning to survive!
Experience addictive, hypnotic gameplay in a stunningly elegant zen environment. Then join the rest of the world in saving the Ducks as your collaborative scores are recorded online – and become a part of the freshest game on the App Store!

Everybody Loves Fox Vs Duck!

“Awesome graphics… Wonderful art design, simple and addictive game play”


“Combines winningly simple gameplay with the most stunning yet understated graphics possible…Beautiful and just a little bit spooky, this is a great buy at 59p.”

The Independent

“Like the best iPhone games, it’s simple but addictive”


“Beautifully styled…a relaxing zen like experience”


“This is one bold, cunning and daring gem worth experiencing.”

Games Uncovered

Check out the screenshots and trailer!
  • Simplicity and beauty
  • Perfect diversion in a busy world
  • Instantly addictive gameplay
  • Collaborative online score for all the ducks saved worldwide!
  • Hauntingly beautiful music and sound
  • Online scores with OpenFeint scoreboards
  • Over two million ducks saved worldwide!
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