Forever Drive

Forever Drive is a racing game set in a beautiful, futuristic city created by YOU! Using the built-in Track Editor, tracks created by different players are joined together into a never-ending road to drive! Customise your car from a huge selection of paintwork and license plates and prepare to drive as far as you can before the clock runs out! Accumulate miles driven to LEVEL UP and unlock even more cars, each with their own unique handling.

A race against time on the streets of the future!

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Everybody Loves Forever Drive!

“Unique….has the potential to fulfill the promise of its insane conceit”


“A driving game unlike none other I have played….highly addictive”


“Unique…always something new to see”


“Fast and fun…if you like driving games download it now”


Check out the screenshots and trailer!
  • Addictive arcade action on beautiful, never-ending streets!
  • Streamlined and easy-to-use track editor lets you create beautiful, winding city tracks with just a few touches!
  • Race against the clock to accumulate XP for LEVELLING UP
  • Dodge strange traffic of the future!
  • Simple controls, with support for tilt, d-pad, analog, left-handed people, color-blind people…everyone!
  • Pick up….PICK UPS!
  • Unlock cars, paintwork, buildings and even license plates!
  • Custom 3D engine rendering outrageously awesome graphics of the FUTURE
  • OpenFeint and GameCenter-enabled online hiscores – can you become #1 in the world? Or even #2, that would still be pretty good!
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