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March 13th, 2013

Apologies to all those affected by the recent slowness bug that managed to survive not one but TWO of our latest updates.

We have just submitted yet another update to Apple which we are POSITIVE has fixed this slowness bug once and for all.

Thanks to all Forever Drive fans for their continued patience while we’ve been fixing this! We assure you will once again be able to enjoy the game as we intended it to be (in the next 7-10 days)

Over and out!

January 22nd, 2013

Okay, we have fixed the slowdown bug that was introduced in version 1.30.  It would occur if you started the game up while offline (if you started online and then went offline, it wouldn’t occur).

Also, as an added bonus, I believe we have fixed the bug where people were seeing six tracks in the challenge mode. Update 1.32 will be available to download within the next week or so..

Around the same time as RESCUE RUSH!!

October 11th, 2012

Under the following categories in the TIGA Awards before midnight tomorrow!

The shortlist will be appearing next week..

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Visual Design
Game Design
September 13th, 2012

Attention iOS Forever Drive players, we have a quick public service announcement! A few users have kindly informed us via the forums that their tracks they have created have not been driven since they  finished and uploaded them.

We have got to the root of the problem and you need to have signed into the game via OpenFeint to ensure your track is successfully made available to be raced by the world.

Of course it is not compulsory to play the game while signed into OpenFeint but not doing so will limit the features such as track creation and the weekly challenges because you need an identity on the online servers.


May 11th, 2012

Forever Drive was always intended to be a hugely community driven game, but we didn’t expect it to have fan pages created for it on Facebook!

Nevertheless in addition to a plethora of great tracks, we are very flattered that the first Forever Drive Fan Page has been created. Thanks very much to Alex Gomes and make sure you go and check it out and Like it here!