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October 17th, 2011

Learn the secrets!

Wondering how to get those crazy hiscores on Forever Drive? Trying to unlock that shiny Turbo Edition car? Check out the official “Pro Tips” video on YouTube for some hidden secrets…

October 17th, 2011

Game of the week! Whooo!

Wow. The reception for Forever Drive has been amazing – we’re “Game of the Week” on the App Store, and #1 racing game in over 50 countries! And you’ve all been working hard as well – users have made OVER TEN THOUSAND TRACKS this week! That’s a lot of tracks….thanks guys!


October 11th, 2011

New AND noteworthy!

The wait is over…it’s done! Get Forever Drive for free from the app store now!

October 4th, 2011


To celebrate the beta release, here’s a bunch of free Forever Drive wallpapers. Feel free to grab them, you can use them as backgrounds on your iPhone or iPad. Or your Android phone if you really want! There’s also some large ones which you could use for desktop wallpaper, and one so large you could probably use it for actual, real-world wallpaper if you needed to.


Forever Drive wallpaper (iPhone portrait, 320×480)
Forever Drive wallpaper (iPhone landscape, 480×320)
Forever Drive wallpaper (Retina portrait, 640×960)
Forever Drive wallpaper (Retina landscape, 960×640)
Forever Drive wallpaper (iPad portrait, 768×1024)
Forever Drive wallpaper (iPad landscape, 1024×768)
Forever Drive wallpaper (Desktop, 1920×1200)
Forever Drive wallpaper (Ridiculously colossal!, 3280×1200)

September 30th, 2011

Yeah! Forever Drive is out now! We’re doing a limited beta release, so that we can test our servers before opening them to the entire world. So if you live in Ireland or Canada, you can get it now! FOR FREE!

Visit the main game page here!

Everyone else, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to wait a few more weeks. BTW, since I know people are going to ask/complain: the choice of countries was dictated entirely by the fact that we wanted to do the beta test on regions without too many users (we don’t wanna flood our servers with 10 million players straight away) and it’s easier to read the comments if they’re in English! Also, we love Canadians and Irish people, but that’s purely coincidental…worldwide release will follow in a few weeks, and as an added bonus, we’re adding EVEN MORE COOL STUFF TO IT. Woohoo!