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March 13th, 2013

Apologies to all those affected by the recent slowness bug that managed to survive not one but TWO of our latest updates.

We have just submitted yet another update to Apple which we are POSITIVE has fixed this slowness bug once and for all.

Thanks to all Forever Drive fans for their continued patience while we’ve been fixing this! We assure you will once again be able to enjoy the game as we intended it to be (in the next 7-10 days)

Over and out!

January 22nd, 2013

Okay, we have fixed the slowdown bug that was introduced in version 1.30.  It would occur if you started the game up while offline (if you started online and then went offline, it wouldn’t occur).

Also, as an added bonus, I believe we have fixed the bug where people were seeing six tracks in the challenge mode. Update 1.32 will be available to download within the next week or so..

Around the same time as RESCUE RUSH!!

October 11th, 2012

Under the following categories in the TIGA Awards before midnight tomorrow!

The shortlist will be appearing next week..

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Visual Design
Game Design
February 7th, 2012

Quick update on the last news item – we’ve now fixed the bug where the runners-up didn’t get their prizes, and awarded the missing prizes. Guys, you should have got your credits now, well done for being awesome at our game! If you haven’t, let us know on the forums please! Thanks :-)

November 3rd, 2011

Hey dudes!

I’m pleased to announce the forthcoming v1.1 update for Forever Drive!


This version has lots of features which should improve the quality of tracks, as well as stuff that lets you win free Credits, making it easier to earn XP. And we also made it more fun!
We’ve added a ton of features and improvements:

Better Tracks
* Users now have to drive a track before they’re allowed to submit it, which should reduce the number of bad tracks.
* We’ve added a “Report Track” button, so if someone’s made an unfinishable track with a previous version, you can email us a report directly, without having to complete the track
* Rating tracks with a thumbs up or thumbs down has a more immediate effect – if you give a track a bad rating, you won’t see it again!
* Used up all your track slots? Want to make a better track? You can now edit your tracks after they’ve been uploaded, or even wipe them and replace them with completely new tracks. So you can make them way more awesome.
* We fixed an obscure bug in the map editor which allowed people to make overlapping tracks
* You now get rewarded for rating tracks, with points and also unique unlockables. Yeah!
* Improved randomisation of tracks. It’s actually less random, but it feels more random, because it’s more likely to choose tracks on your device that you haven’t played. It also downloads new tracks more frequently, so you can keep driving forever!

Better Gameplay
* We’ve added a new hi-score: max combo! There’s also several new Leader Boards to compete in, so you can show off your amazing driving skills in more ways!
* Removed the uncontrollable boost when crossing a checkpoint with a high combo, because it was making everyone crash into walls! You’ll still get a boost if you’re running out of time and just manage to roll across the line though.
* Improved controls – we’ve tweaked the button positions in Arcade Mode, and also rearranged the iPad controls so they’re easier to use.
* We’ve added a help link, which gives you tips on how to max out that score!

Fixed Bugs
* Fixed a rare bug which meant you didn’t get all your XP for a race if you hit a particular combination of buttons at certain moments! Sorry about that one!

New Scenery
* Just for fun, we’ve added two new sets of scenery for the track editor, “Urban Spaces” and “Monorail”. They’re wicked good.
* Both sets can be unlocked without spending any credits, so go for it!

The Feature Everyone’s Been Asking For

Oooh! Free Credits!

* At last, you can now win Bonus Credits, without paying any money!
* If you have Push Notifications enabled, you can get bonus credits even when you’re not playing…awesome! You can still get extra credits from the shop in-game, so feel free to do that as well. You know, so we can afford food and stuff…


We’ve already submitted the update to Apple, just waiting for approval and then we can send it out to all of you! Expect it to be in the app store in the next few days. Meanwhile we’re already working on some awesome new features for 1.2 – it’s still in the experimental stages, but we’re hoping to add a WHOLE NEW GAME MODE. Shhhh I’m not allowed to talk about it yet….