Supermono Studios
Based in London, United Kingdom

Founding date:
Somewhere in the midst of 2010


Press / Business contact:


Rescue Rush

15 Drysdale Street
N1 6ND

+00 (44) 2076130559


Supermono is a London-based games studio, creating unique games to capture your imagination!


Early history

After a whirlwind of work with the likes of Lionhead and Sony, CODER, and writer of random CAPITAL LETTER words, Tak Fung decided that he wanted to make his own mark on the WORLD. And so, with the aid of sidekick and ‘technical artist extraordinaire’ Dave Ferner, Supermono was born. The pair have come a long way since collaborating in 2009. From a second hand laptop, broken subwoofer and what appeared to be a life doomed with never-ending meals of noodle soup, their collection of successful smartphone games has brought them respect and recognition far beyond the confines of their native Ealing and Birmingham. It has been said that on a clear morning and with a favourable breeze at one’s back, you can hear their titles being played as far away as Dublin, Paris, San Francisco….and Hackney. It all began in 2008 with a little gem of a side-scrolling shooter called MiniSquadron – a one man creation by Studio FungFung which won tonnes of awards, made it to the IGF 2009 finalists and created a bit of a buzz (and that wasn’t just the propellers). Cue the introduction of the aforementioned Dave, the artistic wizard who’s magic touch brought life to the titles known as FoxVsDuck, EpicWin (a joint venture with Rex Crowle of Rexbox fame), a Special Edition iteration of MiniSquadron and most recently Forever Drive. They were no longer a duo, but had now handpicked a small team to deliver more games, attempt to elevate a fairly modest standard of in-house table tennis and ultimately go to the next level of games development…..whatever that entails. Their hard work did not go unnoticed. In late 2011, Californian startup Red Robot Labs decided to take Supermono under their wing, the most exciting Anglo-American union for at least a few months until Andrew Garfield got with Emma Stone. With such power behind their future creations, and talk about these mysterious ‘location games’ who knows what lies ahead for the Supermono team….



Forever Drive (iOS/Android) game engine tech demo YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "MiniSquadron #3 - Top 100 iPhone apps of all time" - AppAdvice.com, November 2010
  • "Fox Vs Duck, 50 Must-Play iOS Games" - Edge Magazine, January 2012
  • "Forever Drive, Finalist - Best Action/Adventure" - TIGA Games Industry Awards, November 2012

Selected Articles

  • "Supermono has done a fantastic job of creating something beautiful, interesting and free"
    - Nissa Campbell, Touch Arcade
  • "MiniSquadron is a phenomenal, whimsical 2D shooter with well-honed controls and personality to spare"
    - Bonnie Eisenman, 148 Apps

The Guardian coverage
Guardian newspaper article on RedRobot's acquisition of Supermono Studios guardian.co.uk.

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