We predict greatness!

Congrats to our friends over at Another Place Productions on their new games company…lookin forward to seeing what comes out! And don’t forget to check out Dene’s new game Incoboto, out today on iPad, it’s completely rad!

2 Responses to “Another Place!”
  1. Raven says:

    Any updates on the Epic Win app for android?

  2. lucy from supermono says:

    Hi Raven,

    I’m afraid not. We have all been so busy working on exciting new games that we have had to leave EpicWin aside and make room for the new competition! We are very fond of EpicWin and hope to return to it some day, bringing it to Android and possibly implementing new features.

    In the mean time, why not have a go at Forever Drive? We just got that up on Android last month :)

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