Right. We thought we’d kick off our series of behind-the-scenes posts with a look at how a game gets started. Drive Forever started in the usual way – we were just chatting, and then somebody used the magic words:

“Wouldn’t it be cool…if…”

Very soon after that, well – it was time to do some doodles. This sort of thing:

There we go. Pretty much done.

That was helpful, but to be fair, it still needed a little work. We talked some more, and it turned into something like this:

Drive Forever V0.001

You can see the basics elements there – a single car, driving along a sinuous road through a sparkling city. Needs a little more, though?

The more astute amongst you may have noticed that these are just drawings, they’re not an actual game – just to be completely clear, all the images here are quick concept sketches, rather than exactly what the actual ingame graphics will look like. The finished game will be shiny 3D graphics, rather than somewhat wonky hand-drawn images!

So, since this was to be a 3D game, we started playing around in 3D. This was interesting.

Hmmm...not quite right...

The thing about this was – it wasn’t quite there. Yes, it looked like a city. And yes, it looked like a racing game. And in a way, that was the problem. There are lots of racing games, and by and large, they tend to look fairly similar. But why?

One problem here is that we were trying to make it look kinda real. And so is everyone else. Since reality looks a particular way, all the ‘realistic’ games end up looking sorta samey. So, the obvious thing – reality is boring! We went back to the drawing board, trying to come up with something a little more…well…different.

What about something…more….like…


Ok. Now, that looks DIFFERENT. Whether it looks good, that’s a matter of personal taste, but it definitely looks different. You know what? There was something about this that we liked. It had its own thing going – far from perfect, but a step in the right direction. Here’s where it’s useful to be an independent games company, because there’s nobody in a suit to walk in and tell us “what the hell, car games don’t look like that!”….

So…lets see where that takes us!

Check back soon, there’s plenty more behind-the-scenes action coming up! And feel free to leave comments!


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  1. alejandro says:

    …uauuu..very chick…3d looks awesome…i expect to see the rest of the game….

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